Welcome to my website. In general it is a photoblog of my activities in the outdoors. Enjoy!


I have always been into the outdoors. The mountains are my playground as well as my office. I work as an International Mountain Leader taking people trekking all over the world to places like the Inca Trail, up Kilimanjaro and around Mont Blanc. I am also a mountain bike guide, a ski instructor and a rock climbing instructor.


Ecrins 1994

The next year I went back to the Ecrins, but this time with Chatty. Tom was also there climbing with Karl. We all headed up to the Meije at the same time and did the traverse. We got there quicker than expected so rather than bivvy near the Promontoire refuge we set off on the …


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If you want to call me then my UK mobile is 07981 647 080 and my French one is 06 84 61 95 48

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