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Gervasutti Couloir – Mont Blanc du Tacul

People say that skiing steep descents, or ‘extreme skiing’ is a reckless sport. It says something for the calculated precision of the actors in this game that on the same afternoon there were four groups of

Cosmiques Couloir with Karl

Karl and I headed up to do the Cosmiques this morning. Karl was a bit hung over and had forgotten an ice axe so we had to abseil in. Karl is thinking hard about his BASI training and getting his hands in that

Glacier du Mort

The Glacier du Mort is a good tour over the back side of the Flegere ski area in the Aiguilles Rouge. I headed up there today with Rog and one of his workmates, Tim. After getting the lift to the top of the Index we

Glacier Rond with Rog

Another run down the Glacier Rond with Rog. Rog sets off down the upper section You need to pull out left where into the exit couloir where you can see the small black dot. Rog giving it to the exit couloir And carrying

Glacier du Mont Mallet

The Glacier du Mont Mallet is a great tour. Head down the normal Vallee Blanche as far as the Salle a Manger, which is just below the Requin refuge, and then start to climb the Glacier des Périades, which is opposite the

Petit Envers with Rog and Tom

Another day and another great run down the Petit Envers with Rog and Tom in deep powder. Rog heads off down the first pitch. Finding lines in among to slots Finding a bit of a flat landing in plenty deep enough powder!!

Cosmiques Couloir with Tom

Tom and I headed over to have a ski down the Cosmiques Couloir. This is a rite of passage for any aspiring steep skier. Before the 2000’s it was considered an extreme descent in its own right, but around ’99,

Petit Envers with Tom

Another great day heading down the Petit Envers with Tom Greenall. Deep light powder snow all the way down. We managed to find fresh tracks all the way down Miles of fresh tracks Looking out for crevasses on the way down

Cosmiques Arete with Martina

A couple of days after having a solo attempt at this, one of my workmates, Martina, asked if I’d do it again with her. A couple of other climbers having a break half way along the arete. Martina near the final step

Cosmiques Arete – Solo

I decided to have a go at a bit of solo mixed climbing. It was my first real go at mixed climbing as well. I remember being quite excited about it, and a little bit apprehensive. At the end of the Cosmiques Arete, where