Mont Blanc via the Grands Mulets Refuge

Serena, Dick and I decided to have a go at skiing Mont Blanc. The recommended ski touring route is via the Grands Mulets refuge (3051m) and then up past the Vallot bivouac to the top. So we went for this route.

We had to traverse across the remains of some avalanches early on. There was no danger as these had come down the previous day while it was hot, and were now frozen solid.

Well, not much danger!!

Then we had to traverse across all of these crevasses to get to the refuge.

Dick decided not to come any further than the refuge. Serena and I set off very early the next morning, we did not make it to the summit, reaching a high point at the Petit Plateau at around 04:30 am!

Since that date I have learnt that this is probably the worst way to ski Mont Blanc. Heading up from the Grands Mulets takes you right under a great long section of seracs, which have claimed many lives. An alternative is to head up northern ridge of the Dome de Gouter, so avoiding the seracs. However my preferred route now would be to catch the first Aiguille cable car up, ski up to the top via the Tacul and Mt Maudit. Arriving late in the day, then a great cruise down to the Grands Mulets hut, spend the night there, and then head back down to Cham via Plan d’Aiguille.