Glacier Rond Variations

Here are some of the lines down the Glacier Rond. The red line is the classic run, at the arrow you drop over the wind lip and into the exit couloir. The top 20m can sometimes be quite tricky, and then it is usually a great run down the couloir, even when tracked there is often great pow sloughed up in the middle.

The Blue line is one way to approach West Couloir, there is a small climb and then usually a short rappel to get in.

The Orange line is called the Salopar, which means something like ‘bitch’ in French. Once in the exit couloir of the Rond, traverse out to the right and follow the ridge till you get to a small col where you can get onto the slope in the picture. The narrow couloir that you can see is about 1m85 so if your ski’s are longer than this it can be quite exciting trying to side slip down it. Often this is rappeled.

The Purple line is one that I skied with Tim and Dave at some point in the future.

In this shot you can see the Rond next to the Aiguille du Midi

And this is a close up of the Aiguille du Midi.