Glacier du Mont Mallet

The Glacier du Mont Mallet is a great tour. Head down the normal Vallee Blanche as far as the Salle a Manger, which is just below the Requin refuge, and then start to climb the Glacier des Périades, which is opposite the refuge, heading for the breche Puiseux.

This involves a fairly longish boot pack, in this pic you can see the Glacier Noire directly behind me, which I will ski with Wolfgang sometime in the future. Right in the background is Mont Blanc, and to its right Mont Blanc du Tacul, and the Gervasutti Couloir, which I will also ski soon.

At the top of the boot pack, to get to the breche Puiseux a small amount of rock climbing was necessary.

Rog nears the top of the boot pack

The breche is the little one right behind me in this shot, next to the large finger of rock.

Down the glacier was just like heli skiing

Nearing the bottom, still great skiing