Cosmiques Couloir with Tom

Tom and I headed over to have a ski down the Cosmiques Couloir. This is a rite of passage for any aspiring steep skier. Before the 2000’s it was considered an extreme descent in its own right, but around ’99, 2000 and ’01 it suddenly became very popular and was skied on a regular, almost daily, basis.

This doesnt in any way make it safe now. It is still just as dangerous and still sees fatalities, Skier killed in Cosmiques Couloir and Two deaths on the mountain this weekend are examples of this.

Climbing over rocks to get into the couloir

Generally there is a bit of a scary scramble over steep rocks to get into the couloir.

Tom down climbing in

Sometimes this section would fill with snow and you could ski in.

The upper steeper bit

The first section after the downclimb does feel steep, and can have quite hard snow on it sometimes.

Better snow

Lower down the snow usually improves, and the exposure drops.

The crevasses

There can sometimes be a tricky section at the bottom getting through the crevasses on the Bossons glacier